June 06, 2007

My OTHER Summer Project

I've been writing so much about Anny and Abby that I've neglected to post pictures of my other summer project: competition sized pumpkins! Last year we stole some straight-from-the-carving-table pumpkin seeds and I planted them in the spring. This year I've decided to use the more traditional from-the-pack seeds.

I have planted in three places, but only two are doing much of anything.

Bed 1 - Actually started out as a plant bed anyway. I added some compost-ish leaves and hay and such from last fall over top of the dried dirt. I planted four seeds directly into proper planting soil. One plant has sprung forth quickly, and one has grown some but has been lagging.

Bed 2 - Really just a place that we didn't have anything else to plant, and I don't want grass there if I can get a good pumpkin or two out of it! Planted four or five seeds on this one, and two have sprouted already.

From 2007 Pumpkins

I've been watering every other day or so, and we had some good, soaking rain over the weekend. We have begun to harvest rain water to use around the yard, so I use that water as often as possible.

Last year we only got one small pumpkin. Bigger than a softball, but smaller than a bowling ball. I found out afterwards that bees are needed to pollinate between the flowers that become the pumpkins, and we didn't have any bees until September. WAY too late to be fruitful!

So, this is the first in (hopefully) a series about my great pumpkin adventures. Wish me bees!

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  1. in all my years of trying, i have only had 1 bowling bowl sized pumpkin.

    but squash blossoms are yummy. no bees required.