June 10, 2007

Movie THEATER Review

This one is for the locals:

Don't go to the movie theater in Calverton ever again!

The theater used to be a Loews Movie theater but is now owned by AMC. Overall the theater was never the best, but was affordable and close enough to get to in ten minutes or so. I can remember seeing some of the great movies there: Titanic, Tommy Boy, Star Wars during it's second run.

Yesterday we went to see Knocked Up, and the theater killed the movie experience for both of us. The movie was good, though it had way too much foul language. I felt like I must be too old to have gotten into the see it!

But the theater!? $8.75 each for the matinee, because they no longer offer discounts for the mid-day showings. Grr. The theater has certainly never been with that much, no matter what the movie!

Worse than the no-more-matinee prices are the insanely small seats! I've packed on a couple of pounds over the life of the movie theater, but this was ridiculous. Anny had a hard time getting in and out of the seats.

The third strike was the bathrooms which were extremely sub-par. A mop would have taken care of this, but it was apparent that no mop had been seen for a while!

So - go see the movie for some food fun. Don't see it, or any other movie, at the movie theater on Powder Mill Road in Calverton!

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  1. That's too bad, we liked centerpark when it was a lowes.