May 10, 2007

Try This!!

You'll have to touch the screen in this video, so sit closely. I promise you that this is not one of those screamy pictures, but a very cool video from a Brittish psychology buff. Their website is

Did you end up on the right square? I sure did! (Comment below to let me know which way yours went, please.)

They have another interesting video HERE. Enjoy it, after you let me know if the embeded one worked!


  1. Holy canoli!! I ended up there too. David Copperfield did something like this on one of his magic shows several years ago. It RULES. =)

  2. he predicted right for me too.

  3. At the risk of baloon bursting - I don't think that's really psychology so much as math ... and unlike paulboal, I don't so much love math (I'm a wordsmith, myself)...

  4. Its a (fun) math trick. And still very cool.