May 28, 2007

Can't Say I was Lazy This Weekend!

Anny has a habbit of telling people that I am good at starting projects. She leaves it at that. Okay okay, I might be guilty of leaving a few projects in the air as days and weeks pass with no completion.

Several times this spring I have decided that I would start AND finish a project in the course of a weekend. The problem is that each project gets stopped because something else should be done to improve the overall use of the entire house, not just the one room/project.

We were telling the lurker-extroidinaire last night that we got a new freezer six months ago and just now is it resting where it will be for the forseeable future. Here's how it went:

Got the new freezer
Moved out the old freezer to friends house.
Tried to fit freezer into the closet where the other fit. Didn't work.
Ripped out shelving in closet to get better fit, and it was time to redo shelves anyway.
Painted said closet and realized at once "This would make a great office!"
Moved the desk to the new Office, former closet.
Put freezer into furnace room.
Discovered moldy flooring under the tiles in the furnace room. Must be dealt with.
Ripped out plywood and replaced.
Decided that furnace room would be better suited for tools rather than food!
Moved shop stuff into furnace room.
Moved freezer into newly designated storage/craft room.

That brings us to this weekend. The original freezer move was back in early March.

We heard from two doctors to plan on having a baby in the next two weeks, not four. We immediately took to writing down all of the projects that need to be finished (and some started and finished) in preparation for baby arrival. It's a long list room-by-room on post-it notes. BIG post-it notes!

One of the projects was to make the craft bench/storage for stuff shelving. I started with just lumber and two Ikea As-Is desktops. This is how it turned out:

From My Pictures

(click on the photos for larger views)

I am really happy with the way it turned out. I have already put the shelvable items on the shelves! It ended up only costing about $50 to do. ($28 for both of the as-is desktops!) I already had the plug strip, it was just a matter of mounting it. You can see that Anny's sowing machine is already on there, too.

So THERE, Anny. I CAN do a big project in a weekend. Now I guess I should hang the door on the nursery that has been ready for three weeks......


  1. Its all in the labeling:

    You DID move the freezer into the house and completed that project (project #1)

    Then you started a new one (project #2) (remodel the closet for a home office).

    Moving the freezer downstairs and fixing up the basement for a shop was project #3.

    Redesignating a craft/storage room for the freezer is project #4.

    Its either relabeling, admitting to "project creep" (a.k.a. lack of focus) or poor planning. You pick.

  2. Wow - that's impressive! We need to learn from y'all!

  3. Incredibly productive!! If your experience is anything like mine, though... having a baby around the house will dramatically impact that productivity. E.g. I tore down that basement wall in the winter of 2005. Still not finished, yet.

    But the trade off in awesome baby/daddy time is worth the decrease in productivity!!