May 09, 2007


Okay, it seems that a lot of people have forgotten things from driving classes when they were younger, so I would like to take a minute to remind you of a few things.

  1. When it rains, turn on your headlights. It may be a sprinkle now, but you will not think about it in the deluge.
  2. When you change lanes, use your turn signal. You paid for it when you bought your car, might as well use it.
  3. Don't cross a solid line on the road. White, yellow, purple! It does not matter. When the line is solid, it means you are not supposed to change lanes there. Keep on driving. In another ten feet the line will break and that's where it is safe to change lanes.

I have been assured that these problems are not exclusive to the DC Metro area, but I seem to end up dealing with these idiots all the time.

What are other driver-caused hazards that need to be preached? Please share.


  1. It could be worse. You could be driving in VA or worse yet, PA! The thing they don't seem to get it that on ramps lead to high speed merge areas... like highways. No matter how much I yell they never seem to understand that if you're still going 10mph at the end of the ramp it's a problem!

  2. In Ohio people haven't yet learned "stopping distance". I have had cars tailgate me to the point that I can't see their headlights - and this when going 70 mph!

    They also hit and run. My husband and I have been the victims of 4 hit and run accidents (albeit, mostly minor) 3 years. Oh - and two of those have been the "stopping distance" issue.