May 07, 2007

Learned 'em Up Good

Yesterday we had the service of Confirmation for the nine youth that I've been working with this spring. It was a really great service and all were properly presented to the congregation. I'm truly blessed to have had the chance to learn from them, and I hope that they learned from me too.

I was highly impressed and elated by our seminary intern throughout this process. She did not arrive until February when we were already three or four classes into teaching, and was not involved in any of the planning. She hung out for two classes, and then jumped right in and taught/led as much as I did. Great to work with her!

I continue to be happy with our pastor and all that she does. She and I planned out all of the Sunday's of teaching, though she had to shift out of her leadership role toward the end. She included something special from each Statement of Faith that the confirmation class had written! It was moving to see each of the youth as they were referred to specifically in a sermon to the whole church. Her sermon is not yet on the web, so I cannot link to it, but it was really great, trust me!

I am excited to have this group of youth joining our church and am looking forward to seeing what direction they lead us to in the near and not-so-near future.

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