October 13, 2006

Updating Some Old Posts

So, I feel like I should update on two of the things I posted about back in the spring and summer, and of course include pictures!

Update One: The Pumpkin Patch.
About a year ago we went to a pumpkin carving party, and I brought seeds home to grow pumpkins of my own. Well, we ended up getting four good plants from the seeds. They grew to at least 30 feet long, each, and took over one side of our house. It was great! The whole summer we had lots of flowers that should have become pumpkins, but we only got one. (I found out later that we need bees to do the pollination, and we didn't have any bees until late August)

Here's what I invested my year into making:

Yes, those are coffee mugs, and yes it's on top of our piano. The pumpkin is only about 6 inches wide. It's really cute, but kind of sad. Next year we are going to do more pumpkins, and will make sure that if we don't have bees, we will pollinate with a Q-Tip.
No, we're not going to carve it, but thanks for asking. :o)

Update Two: The Puppy!
We got Maggie in August from my sister, who is visiting me this weekend! It was believed that she is a beagle, but with her growing like she is, we think she is actually an American Foxhound. She's very pretty, and insanely smart. Here are some pictures of her:

And for those who ask about Rusty, here's one last picture. It's of both Rusty and Maggie. This is one of the few times during the day that they are both quiet at the same time, just before bedtime.

And those, my friends, are my updates. This weekend is my 'baby' sisters 18th birthday! She is coming up here from Richmond for a long weekend (Fall Break) I'm sure that I will have some good stories by the end!

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