October 18, 2006

"Hey Mom. Guess who broke her toe?"

I had a great long weekend with my sister, who turned 18 on Saturday. We ate dinner out a LOT more than we usually do, but that's okay to do once in a while. She rode the train up with only a short delay. I think we'll work it that way again in the future.

On Saturday we met up with Jason and Nadia and made the trip up to Grandma's house. Her three sisters have gathered at her house for a week or two. I had not even met two of them! Grandma had the whole spread set out: baked beans, mini-weenies, THREE types of salads, two bowls of chips... you get the picture. And that was LUNCH!

Michelle got a microwave for her birthday, which means that I'm driving her home today instead of dropping her on the Metro to the Amtrak. :o) (why yes, I am the best brother in the world, thank you for asking)

We skipped church on Sunday because Michelle does not get up that early! We did some shopping in the afternoon, and went to J&N's house for dinner. I ended up helping with some plumbing, and annoying Anny by staying later than she wanted to. Oh well. :o)

Monday Michelle and I met Nadia at work and had lunch at the World Bank! Very neat experience. We got to see her fancy office and meet some of her coworkers. It was a nice day!

Then came the reason for the subject of my post "Hey Mom. Guess who broke her toe?" On the other end of the phone my mom is simply saying "Michelle, what did you do?" :o)

But alas, Maggie the dog is the one with a broken toe! She was playing in the backyard on her own Sunday morning and began limping. The earliest appointment I could get was Monday evening. X-ray's confirmed that she has a broken toe in her hind foot. She is not a fan of the cone, and I am only putting it on her as necessary. Here is a picture of her bandaged foot though:

Isn't she cute?! She'll get over the annoyance. She does not seem to be in pain, so that's good. I now have to take her back weekly to have it looked at and rewrapped. What fun!

Yesterday I took Michelle back to school. It was a nasty rainy drive, but we got there with no problems. Her dorm room is TINY, which I will now continue to make fun of her for!

Overall we had a great weekend. She'll be up again soon, I hope. I guess we could make the effort and make a trip down there, but don't tell her that!

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