October 10, 2006

Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by Three Beautiful Things, which I found on Blogs of Note yesterday, I am going to share Three Beautiful Things from yesterday.

1 - An extremely quiet day in the office. Five of the ten people in our office are on vacation this week! With yesterday being a holiday for most of our churches, my phone rang only three times.

2 - A freshly cut front lawn. Yes, I am the one that had to cut it, but since seven weeks ago we did not have ANY grass in the front yard, literally, having to cut the grass is a great thing!

3 - Puppies Playing. We have had Rusty for four plus years, and have had Maggie for only nine weeks and have been trying to get them to play together nicely. (Maggie does enjoy chomping on Rusty's leg, but Rusty is not a fan of that game) Last night while Anny was on the phone, they were both tugging on the same toy. It's a breakthrough!

And those are the Three Beautiful Things that happened yesterday that I can post about.

1 comment:

  1. Rob,

    Thanks for the salute to my blog. I love quiet days in the office -- if only there were more of them.