October 24, 2006

The Poor, Pitiful Puppy Update

Over the course of the week, Maggie managed to literally break the splint that the vet put on her broken toe last week. Yesterday was our follow-up appointment. We saw a different vet in the practice, which was okay with me.

He cut the splint off and examined it. His quote was "I never would have splinted it anyway. She won't walk on it if it hurts, and it will heal on it's own." He left the decision up to us, and we opted to NOT put another splint on.

Maggie was back to her normal self upon leaving the vet. We're supposed to limit her jump-start running and how rough she is on steps, but we're clear aside from that. She was VERY happy to be out of that thing and spent the evening cleaning up where it was.

That was Monday during a week of evening events for us. We're looking forward to next week, when things will be calm and quiet again.

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