July 19, 2011

Photo Tales Tuesday: I Wanna Be Like You

Two years ago for Father's Day, Abby's teachers in daycare got a little white dress shirt and a cute tie to take pictures of each of the children as "dad" for a gift. It was absolutely adorable, despite the newspaper in the picture. (Mostly for comedic effect, or so I'm convinced!)

On Friday as I was getting dressed Abby kept asking to wear one of my work shirts. Since I was clearly already running late, I told her no, but promised she could put one on over the weekend. I don't have any true-white shirts, which is what she wanted. I pulled out my cream-white shirt, and that was good enough for her anyway. I don't know if she was remembering the old picture or if she really just wanted to be like me. I am going to choose the latter of the two, just as an ego boost.

After picking a shirt, Abby chose a tie that she likes. Abby knows my ties, so she asked for this one pretty specifically. Once she was ready and in her getup, she wanted a pad of paper to write on. She got tired of that pretty quickly and moved on to Anny's laptop. I love this picture the most (of the 30 I took) because she looks SO angry with whatever she had just typed!

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  1. My goodness that is adorable! She wants to be just like daddy, how endearing :-)