July 20, 2011

Animal Adventures with Abby!

On Monday evening we were sitting at the table having dinner when I noticed something in the window - a bat! It was perfectly positioned between the storm window and the screen, with it's claws in the screen while sleeping! Abby was almost as excited as I was. I pulled out the video camera to capture Abby. This was her second time telling me about bats, so she trailed off a bit.

The bat was alive and well, just chilling in our window. We checked on it after a trip out of the apartment after dinner. Abby was elated that he was still there.

Anny and I were glad to know that it had safely departed our particular window before we went to bed, and also glad he is still not here. We do not mind bats and such, just are a bit more aware with Abby around. Her recent braveness might have led to something less than helpful for her or the bat, and we do not want anything to happen to either of them!


  1. Cool! Just remember, bats eat mosquitos... :-)

  2. 1) She gets more gorgeous by the day,
    2) I thoroughly freaked out by bats, even when they are on your profile and totally harmless to me.

  3. She is ADORABLE, Rob! And I agree with Chris..that bat is FREAKING ME OUT!!!! It would be cool to look at, though. There was a dead dragonfly on my bedroom window last week (attached to the screen outside) and Izzy wouldn't go anywhere near the window. My guess is that a bird say it and got it because it was gone shortly thereafter. :)