June 22, 2011

Last Fourth Birthday Post

Abby had her "Well Child" visit at the pediatrician on Monday and it went really well. This was her first real visit at the doctor since we moved - we have done a flu shot and one trip to the emergency clinic, but those have been a long time ago.

So, the stats:
Height: 40.5 inches
Weight: 36.2 pounds
Awesomeness: High, though not actually measured in any test form, just my opinion.

Abby made each of the people we interacted with laugh at some point, and on purpose each time. Her attention span go stretched a couple of times, which just led to more humor.

She had her first vision test that we know of. They marked her at 20/30, though I'm not sure that was correct. She could see what was on the vision chart, but she does not know what a plus sign is, so she could not convey what she saw.

She also had her first hearing test (that we know of). Her left ear tested great, but there was some sort of issue on the right. They did not say there is a problem, just that the equipment would not get a reading properly. They asked if she has had draining lately, but she has not that we can think of. There was no concern, the plan is to just re-check next year.

Abby also had two vaccinations, which she handled with only a flinch. The doctor told us that she would need shots with trepidation, we suggest she tell Abby directly. When she did Abby shrugged it off and said "okay!" The doc was shocked but very happy. The nurse that administered the shots told me I had to hold her down, but I didn't really. So proud of her.

I have friend that do whole blog posts to mark birthdays with a bunch of fun stuff, but I'm in the midst of gearing up for another cross-country trip, so here are a few:

Favorite color: Pink (which is an official change from green just recently)
Favorite book: Anything long and involved - typically from a collection-sized set
Favorite food (meal category): Not anything in particular - she eats pretty well. Not a fan of potatoes in any form, even fries.
Favorite food (dessert category): Red Mango (frozen yogurt with lots of fun toppings!)
Favorite toy: Every toy is from Toy Story right now - even her oldest friend Mary is now assuming the role of Woody the Cowboy!
Favorite place: The Magic House

We are insanely proud of our little girl and how smart and brave she has become. Can not wait to see what the next year brings!

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  1. Wounds like a very successful visit? Where are you off to this time?