June 08, 2011

Photo Tales - A Girl and Her Baloons

Alternate Title: A New Favorite Picture!

Last weekend we took an Epic Roadtrip to Casper, Wyoming, to celebrate the retirement of Anny's parents. It was not only a long road trip, but also a quick one - we left Thursday and returned home on Monday afternoon. The drive took us across the state of Missouri, across the longest state I have ever driven through (Nebraska), and into one of the most beautiful drives I have ever done into Wyoming.
This picture is a new favorite of mine. Anny's mom has had a garden for many years - her rose bushes out front are beautiful from what I hear, and her other gardens have veggies and such. This year the only thing that is growing is Rubarb because they are spending a good deal of the summer just relaxing and doing some traveling. The sign is Rhubarb there reading simply "Carol's Garden" and it's perfectly centered and all. (I would expect nothing less in their yard, to be completely honest!)

Abby loves balloons (reminder to Rob: order some for Sunday's party!) and there were about 40 balloons for the party! They were in sets of red and white for my MIL's school and sets of orange and black for my FIL's school. Abby has recently developed a love of the color black. Her favorite is still green, as it has been for about a year, but she's a fan of black crayons and markers sort of all of the sudden. She requested to play with one of the black balloon bunches - and ONLY the black ones.

(I only put so much focus on that because I really wanted to color them, but don't have the time or patience for it this week. A friend suggested the same, which I thought was pretty funny!)

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  1. I can see why that's a new favorite!! I love it in black and white. I've driven xcountry twice and just missed Wyoming--much to my chagrin. It's very high on my list of states to visit!! And my son's name is Jackson, so Jackson Hole is very appealing :) Now you've given me the travel bug!

    Thanks for coming by my blog today!!

  2. I'd love to visit Wyoming too! Glad to hear you made it there and back safely. How was Abby's party?

  3. Wonderful photo, I love it in black and white!