October 22, 2010

In and Out

My family is not one of nudists, just to get that out in the open (ahem), but we are not shy about bodies, especially since we are sharing one bedroom (our choice) and one small bathroom. It’s not out of the ordinary to have two of us doing different things in the bathroom at the same time, and when Abby is trying to get extra attention, she might pop in for a random tooth brushing. Up until recently (three weeks?) Abby has showered with one of us as well. She now showers on her own, and does really well with it!

Okay, now that you are picturing me naked, I will continue with the story that got a little funnier just this morning…

A few weeks back when I was using the potty (yes, I have a three year old, thankyouverymuch) Abby walked by and declared to Anny, loudly, that I have an “out-bottom” which is different from her “in-bottom” of course.

I might have puffed up my chest when she said “Daddy has a BIG out-bottom” too. What can I say, I’m a dude.

Anny and I had a chuckle and chalked it up to something her teacher had said since she is potty training two boys now, and Abby is the only girl anyway. That sounds a lot less silly than “ding dong” and “vijayjay” do. (Thanks Oprah for that last one!) It sounds a lot less weird from a three year old than “vulva” and “penis” do. It fits a nice middle-of-the-road, and I don’t know how far off it is.

We talked with some adult friends that we live with (subtle, right?) and the lady of the house said that her doc even refers to that whole area as the bottom, most likely because it is such when both standing and sitting. Go teacher for being on top of things!

Abby has mentioned it in passing, but it has been rare enough that I had almost forgotten about it. Certainly funny, but not worth posting on the blog. (Except for the awesome mental image of me naked – ZING – got you again!)

But like I said, this morning the whole thing got funnier.

She skipped the potty at home this morning, which is okay with me since the walk to school is about 90 seconds and if an emergency issue came up, I could run her there without issue. When we got to Ms Karen’s I reminded Abby that she needed to go, and one of the boys was on the little potty. Abby looked over and said "he has an out-bottom" as I expected she would.

Then Ms Karen said something strange - "So fun that YOU ALL came up with that - very cute!"


We thought that she was getting it from school, school thinks she got it from here. Our little darling came up with in-bottom and out-bottom all on her own! She came up with a new thing all on her own that is neither too kiddy or too clinical.

How cool is that?!


  1. Very cute story. And I'd expect nothing less from your daughter.

  2. I chuckled a little... but I'm too far into this out bottom business to thin it's very funny anymore :) I've been using the generic "bum" for everything and now it's beginning to seem inadequate. I never thought I was so repressed. I'm going to have to lock myself in the bathroom while I practice saying vijayjay in the mirror.

  3. Um, not to dismiss the opinions of the medical community, but when I stand... my feet are at the bottom. Not "that area".

  4. Hey, who you callin' "lady?" ;-)

    Jae, if you imagine our whole family as footless and legless, it helps the image a little. We're sort of like Weeble Wobbles. ;-)

  5. My best bathroom story was when I took my daughter into the mens room on an emergency trip. We were alone when we went in but trying to leave was another story. After about 5 minutes of waiting for another lack of occupancy, I decided we would make a break for the door. Due to the "emergency" nature of our visit though we had to stop and wash our hands. A man was at a urinal which fascinated my daughter.

    They locked eyes and my daughter said hi. I was a bit freaked out but the other guy (who obviously has kids) said hi back. I was glad the moment had past until my kid asked "are you going pee pee".

    Luckily the guy was very cool, smile a "dad smile" and answered yes. I told him to have a good day and whisked my daughter and I out of the john.