June 09, 2010

Complete Randomness

I know that it's been too long since writing on my blog when my friend Bryan has noticed!  He gave me grief about it Tuesday night, and thus I will write something.  I think I filled him in on everything, but not the rest of you!

She'll be three on Saturday.  THREE!  I'm already to the "what was there before Abby" point in her life, and I love it!  We have festivities planned to fill every minute of the weekend, or so it seems.  I am still amazed when she learns something new - or remembers something from months ago that we thought was since passed.

Abby is a little clueless on the whole move-thing.  We've talked with her a few times, but how much is a three year old really going to retain on that front?  She knows we are going to live with her cousins for a while, but has not made the leap that we won't be living here.  I'm a little worried about her, but not a whole lot.  She's smart, she will figure it out.

Post tomorrow about her take on the BP Oil Destruction.  (Sorry, it's not a spill, no matter how they say it.)

Had her braces off on Monday!  She has not eaten an apple or chewed gum like she wanted to, but she got a congratulatory bottle of sparkling cider and three balloons from the office to celebrate!  She looks completely different, and I will share a story about Abby's take on it...

Monday afternoon I pointed out that mommy had her braces off, and it took a minute for Abby to really look and investigate.  She is very much a thinker.  She looked back to my teeth, to be sure I wasn't pulling a trick on her I guess.  She looked back at Anny and declared "Now Mommy's teeth match mine!"  You're right, sweetie!  She is very into matching things - colors, animals and apparently teeth!

Doing alright, thanksforasking.  I had to work a long weekend retreat, but it was good to see some folks and have meals together.  I went out early on Friday afternoon and got in a good hike with my camera, and did the same on Saturday morning.  Here is one of my favorite shots:

On my way home Saturday, Anny called to see if we were going to try to make it out to Bowiefest (no) and what our dinner plan was.  Abby begged for the phone and said "Daddy, you need to come home to me, okay?"  Melted my damned heart.  I don't know if my meds are messing with me, but it hit me that it was the first morning that I had been away from Abby in at least a year, if not longer, and that is the part that really stunk about the retreat.  Good for the community, bad for my paternal-instincts.  I got home and she gave me the biggest hug ever - and she's a good hugger to start with!  Best ever.

I had a nephrologist appointment on Tuesday.  My protein is up, as well as my createnine.  Neither has shot up to levels of concern, but certainly levels of interest.  That being said - we are raising my medication levels and are going to test again in two weeks.  He has suggested that based on this info, I would be better off finding a new nephrologist to visit in late July, rather than waiting for the fall.  Bummer, but okay.

And that is a quick roundup.  I will do a post about the oil spill, and hope to put the finishing touches on a Third Birthday Video for Abby.  Kind of want to do a "dear Abby" letter to her for her big day, too.  Maybe.  Maybe. 


  1. Happy Birthday to her! They grow up so darn quick! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. happy bday to her! Explaining the move to Shae has been useless. All she know is her extra blankets and stuffed animals are in a box in the packrat unit outside and she's getting a new room LOL

  3. Three...ahhh....I remember that birthday VIVIDLY with my oldest...with my youngest... well, we have 11 more months to go to hit it!! :-) We also moved when my oldest was 3...she did AMAZING...I am sure Abby will as well. Good luck on the move, and finding a new Dr.
    Love the photo too!!