June 10, 2010

Abby on the Oil Leak

During Coloring Time this week, Abby was asked to complete the sentence "The sea turtle saw some things in the sea.  It saw..."  I should tell you that I have rarely seen black crayon come home on the stuff she brings home from school - she tends to go for bright colors first.  This day, though, I guess she reached to her inner Tree-Hugger-To-Be and came up with this take on the Oil Leak:

 The only thing that I can gather from this is that the sea turtle saw blackness, and tar balls.

Think I'm reading into this too much (which I am, let's be honest!)?  Check out the one from the next day:

Lots more black stuff, all over the animals. 

The reason I know this is a crock is that we don't watch the news and her access to the horrors of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.  We used to watch the news in the morning, but got rid of the TV in our room in favor of clock radios, in part because of the stuff Abby was seeing.  I get my news online, and Anny does not check news to the best of my knowledge.


  1. Stuff like that always totally freaks me out. I'm big time guilty of worrying and reading too much into things. How much the little ones absorb is crazy. I'm always having to tell Ben to talk to me about things later because I know what's going on in the backseat of the car. Even if she's talking and singing she's also hearing and processing. Sometimes it takes weeks before things come out again. Hopefully in this case, black was just the artist's preference :)

  2. It's amazing what they pick up on, isn't it?

  3. LOL - the turtle saw blackness and tar balls...

    Or the turtle said, here, grab the black crayon since it's closer to you...

    All kidding aside, there's nothing like nurturing our children's inner tree-hugging-ness!