June 01, 2010

Brookside Gardens

We had a whirlwind of a weekend that started with two trips to two malls and ended with a nice, quiet dinner at home.  I could write ten posts and not capture the sheer awesomeness of three days with little to no requirements of schedule. 

Instead I will tell you, in pictures, about our trip to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland.  (Their website is www.brooksidegardens.org in case you want to visit!)  I will do my best to cut down the pictures to five, and include a link at the bottom for more fun!

A friend at church was not sure what she was doing on Monday morning before heading to her afternoon-starting-job.  We mentioned Brookside Gardens which peaked her interest in both hanging out and playing with her new camera.  She's always been a better shot than I am, but with her new camera that she is still learning to use, she killed me in awesomeness of shots.  That being said, here are pictures and stories from my lens.

The wildlife was really out and active on our morning jaunt - we saw several box turtles and a massive snapper.  There was one turtle in the water that was covered in moss, so much so that the fish surrounded it and were eating from what was on his shell!  Pretty amazing that they all work together.  We saw one mama turtle and the tail end of burying her eggs!  I gave her the grace of not catching that with the camera, but she ran away pretty quickly, and I got a shot then.

More than turtles, there were lots of geese out and about, all of them seemed to be dragging along their own goslings!  (I only made one Kate Plus Eight reference - go me!)  We got to see one parental goose hiss and go after another goose that got too close.  Those things can be very angry, and we kept our distance where we could.  Lots of cute little ones kept Abby on the watch - here is the first set we stumbled on:

Of course, most of our visit to the Gardens was about Abby, but I also went to capture flowers that were not out the last time we went.  Never failing to disappoint, I grabbed this one which is all around the children's play area that includes a tree house!

The real goal was to get some Abby time, and Abby pictures!  We bought her a cute stripey dress on Saturday down at Tyson's, but alas it is too big for her yet.  Might be good for mid-summer.  Hopefully!  I love that she will climb over branches and under other things, even when she is in full princess mode:

And finally, my favorite shot (of mine) for yesterday.  This is the back side of the tree pictured above.  The sun was hitting just right and Abby was doing some adventure searching back and forth.  I grabbed this one, which I love:

That was our day.  Well, that was only part of one day of a three day weekend that was filled with finding new things and visiting with friends. 

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time and a great 3 day weekend.