April 09, 2010

A Trip Downtown!

We went to see what is leftover of the National Cherry Blossoms yesterday.  I was disappointed that there were no blossoms to speak of remaining because of hard rain and high winds about a week ago.  The great news is that it is Washington, DC, so there is always something to do or something to see! 

We walked through the World War II Memorial, which was not open the last time I went to see monuments.  It's huge and ornate - pretty cool if you're into that stuff.  We then walked around the Reflecting Pool, and I had to grab the mandatory picture:

The sun was blazing, so we headed over to the Korean War Memorial.  There were lots of crowds, so my pictures of the memorial were pretty useless.  I think it's a hard one to capture, too.  I did get a really great shot of Abby resting on one of the benches.  Don't tell Anny, but I might actually print this one!  (GASP!)

From there we decided to grab lunch.  We went to the Cafeteria in the basement of the American History Museum.  It was very expensive, but really good food.  Other bonus: air conditioning.  On the way there I noticed that the winds were blowing just right to put the flags at the perfect position at the Washington Monument:

It was a perfectly blue sky, too. As an aside, Abby believed the monument to be her personal "castle, with two windows at the top for her to look out."  Her words, not mine.

We went with Anny's Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bill.  Always nice to catch up with them, always nice to get some exercise too.  All around it was a perfect DC morning. 


  1. Love your pics. We need to go to DC and do some looking around. It's not like it's sooo far. Just have to find the get up and go.