April 19, 2010

Menu Monday

Anny and I are glad to have begun planning our meals last fall.  Last night we were talking with a friend about where it came about and I realized that in my first Menu Monday post I had neglected some stuff, so I'll fill in the blanks that I had neglected.

One of the biggest reasons that we came up with our Meal Planning Calendar* was that Anny felt that she had to be creative about what we would eat, come up with a grocery list and cook dinner.  By herself.  I can not figure out why this is, except that we fell into a routine in which we both know that Anny loves to cook and hates to ask for help.  Catch 22 on that one, right?

I would ask, often too late, about what we were doing and how I could help.  I take the fault on that one, and intentionally changed the way that I approached meals, too.  Now we have a plan that we can both access, can both add, remove or rearrange and we both are still on the same page. 

With all of that being said - this weeks meal plan is...

Sunday - Grilled Feta Burgers (pushed off from last week - more on that later)
Monday - Cheeburger Cheeburger fundraiser for Abby's preschool
Tuesday - Lo Mein - not sure what we're doing with them, but wanted something "different"
Wednesday - Homemade Pizza
Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie for the family (pushed off from last week, too.)
Friday - Omlettes

Wanted to point you all to my friend Stephanie who is joining in on the Menu Planning.  She's a much better chef than I could ever be.  Pop over to her blog to see what she's got going this week!  http://neurosesgalore.com/

*Our calendar is actually called "Operation Dinner In" because of the movie Spy Game.  Great movie.  Anyway, the final rescue mission is called "Operation Dinner Out" which is how Brad Pitt knows that the whole thing was done off-the-books by Robert Redford.  Okay, their characters, not them directly.  We have used "Operation Dinner Out" for years since having seen that movie, so it seemed appropriate for our eating in plan!


  1. Division of family labor is so tricky, so many potential pitfalls. You're awesome for seeing a problem and working on it. I have to look back more carefully at your calendar system. And thanks for your support!

  2. That is really an awesome idea! I'll have to talk to Steve about that. But because of our wacko work schedules, it may not be quite as possible.
    Can I put a menu on for some evenings that just says "cereal?" Or "Fend for yourself?"

  3. I applaud your organization while secretly wishing to smack you in the head. That's high praise from these parts. I tend not to think about making dinner until 5 minutes before I start.

  4. I should spend more time planning and less time staring at the fridge, dying of hunger.