April 08, 2010


Yesterday I posted a picture from Sunday. It is a picture taken on Easter afternoon, post nap and pre-dinner time.  We went over to The Aunts house on the early side because the weather was too perfect to spend time sitting in the house watching another movie.  Easier to convince Abby of that if we go someplace that she does not associate with the television.

We gathered everything up and headed over right after my cousins did.  Abby immediately wanted to play soccer, and since I had extra feet hands to enjoy the game with, I didn't hesitate!  We played for a while, then went inside and back out several times.  I think Abby just likes going up the stairs in the split level. 

Here is the picture again:

I am in love with this picture, I think.  First off, it's pretty decent quality wise.  I haven't gotten any recently that I am proud of, but this one I am.  I love that it captures SO much about Abby.  She loves to be in a dress.  She loves flowers, especially dandelions.  She loves to be active and really enjoys soccer.  I really want her to be well rounded, and work really hard to be sure that she's exposed to all types of things from music to sports to clothes to people.  Glad to see it's working so far!

She came out at one point with one of her stuffed sheep.  She could only play sparingly because the sheep needed some time for a nap.  Here is a shot of that:

Abby cares greatly for all animals big and small, real or stuffed.  She cuddled with the sheep for quite a long time before laying it down, then again to make sure it woke up gently.  She's fun and funny about that stuff.

So, this is our Easter post four days in the making.

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  1. She's gorgeous. What a love! And she's so lucky to have such a devoted daddy!