April 07, 2009

Ready for Spring

Here I sit, just about a week away from another trip to the nephrologist.  It forces me to remember that last spring when I went to see him I had such high expectations about my overall health, not just that of my kidneys.  I was going to play organized ice hockey last year.  Didn't happen.  I was going to exercise more regularly.  Didn't happen and hasn't happened.  I was going to eat better.  That one I have done, but "better" is certainly defined by comparison to my own eating habits in the past, not what "healthy" would look like.

So next week I will sit on the exam table and be embarrassed, hoping that my lab work has been processed and to his office so that it's not a wasted trip like the last two times.

To add insult to injury on this visit - if the lab actually does their job right and he has my results when I see him - is that my mail order pharmacy has totally dropped the ball on my most recent order.  I have been waiting since March 17th for my order.  Unfortunately my drug coverage basically makes it so that I HAVE to use or get reprimanded and threatened with not covering my medicine.  Ugh.

Well, they say that my meds were delivered on March 21st by the Postal Service.  Well, since my meds come in boxes, and there are 15 boxes per order, that makes my delivery box to be about the size of a 12 inch cube.  Yeah, that's not accidentally out of sight.  I have no clue where those meds are, and they were supposed to be rush delivering a reshipment, but that has not arrived and we leave early tomorrow.  Oh well.

At least I still have a supply of the good drugs, but I am a bit concerned that I should probably have one of the other ones.  When I talked with them last week they said they would put a rush on the order, but I checked just now and it's still processing.  Since I leave in the morning for Wyoming, it will be at least another week until I get my drugs back.

Who says our health care system is broken?  I can not imagine how bad it would be if I didn't have insurance.

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  1. That's a lot to think about. I hope your trip is relaxing and refreshing. Then you'll come back ready to face the doc.