April 06, 2009

Leavin, on a Jet Plane

In our house hold we are gearing up for a trip!  We're headed west to Casper, Wyoming, for five days over Easter. We leave early Wednesday and come back mid-day Monday.  (Telling you this in case you want to take us to the airport - hello?  is this mic on?)

I am super excited about being in Casper.  It's beautiful country out there - plus I get to test my powers of insanity again.  I have been to Casper three or four times now.  I have never seen snow fall in Wyoming, but yet I have never seen snowless-grounds.  I'm not sure if it's me, or if that's just the way of Wyoming, but it's humorous to me.

Paul and Sarahlynn and the girls are coming to meet us there, so the fun will be doubled quadrupled!  It will be really fun to see how the girls have grown, and more fun to see how the three girls get along.  Christmas was fun and funny at the same time, and I can only hope that it's as much fun when we are together again later this week!

I have already gotten Abby's stuff together, and mine is just about ready to go into the bag.  I've learned over the years that I pack in advance, and Anny packs at the last minute.  What I am continuing to learn is that we are both right, and I just need to let her work at her own pace and leave her alone.  I'm still working to learn that, and so far have not harped on her at all about this trip.  It's called growth, I say!

But, and I am a believer that there is always a but... If I am being honest I would tell you that I am dreading the trip TO and FROM Casper.  Abby has done wonderfully on our trips by air in the past, but those have been trips aimed at success for her.  Two-three hours, direct flights. This trip is two planes - four hour and one hour, with a layover in Denver.

We have gotten together some toys and a couple of small books.  I have even picked up a bag of lollipops and yogurt covered fruits (her new favorite).  We're thinking about loading "Madagascar" onto the iPod and hoping she will become as engrossed in the small version as she has been on the regular TV for the last couple of nights.

So - what are your travel tips with toddlers?  What is the ONE thing you would not go without?  What it the biggest mistake you have made in relation to toddler travel?


  1. Do not take crayons - they roll. Those magic markers that only work on the paper they're intended to work on are good, but they also roll. Lots of drinks, lots of snacks, lots of walking around to check out the bathroom, the galley, etc. Take twice as many diapers as you think you'll need. Take the biggest stroller you have - she'll be more comfortable and you can use the basket underneath to stow your gear. Wear slip on shoes in the airports. Put her in her cutest outfit so people will say, "Awww..." instead of "Awww... shoot," when you sit down next to them. Take a spare shirt in your carry on for you and Anny (in case of motion sickness) and a whole spare outfit for Abby. Suckers for take off and landing. Spend lots of time teaching her finger games (patty cake, here is the church, 5 little monkeys, etc.). Don't bother to pack something for you to do on the plane, because you're going to be performing to keep her calm the whole time. Claire likes to go through the SkyMall catalog and look for puppies and kitties. Lots of books (Berenstein Bears are good because they're paperbacks, board books are heavy).

    Have a fun and safe trip!!

  2. The best tip - is above, Don't plan to do anything on the plane but entertain Abby. And when you get a break, you will need a mental break! Sit back, relax, take a deep breath and ... oops, time to be back at attention! The "best" part might be that you end up overpacking - she may just enjoy the 'people watching' and be entertained by that alone. But, don't count on it! I wish you the best! We never got Thomas and Jennifer on a plane until they were 5 - and even that was with Grandma and Grandpa. Enjoy Wyoming. The west coast is calling me...hopefully we can get out there this summer. I have seen it snow in July in Arizona and New Mexico, but bad weather always follows my family (don't worry - we are staying home this week ....

  3. seeing as people have already given lots of good tips on traveling w/ toddlers...i'm just gonna say, have fun and memorable time with your family. little ones grow so quickly...
    (btw - don't pack any books w/ sounds - one flight attendant kindly reminded me that anything w/ sounds must be connected to earphones so that they don't disturb others)