April 17, 2009

Kidney Check Up!

On Tuesday, about 15 hours after I landed at BWI from our trip to Casper, Wyoming, which I really want/need to blog about but have yet to find the time to.  Maybe this weekend.

After being weighed, I had to immediately blame my Mother-In-Law's cooking and baking habit for the three added pounds since my last visit in the fall.  The doctor was very understanding, and did not question it.  I may have left out that I did more exercise over those few days than I am used to doing over the course of three weeks, but that's for me to know, not him.

While I'm on the weight - I think there needs to be a change in the way that ALL doctors offices that I've ever been to do their practice.  Stop weighing me and THEN taking my blood pressure reading.  I'm fatter than I thought, of course my blood is racing. 

He said that my protein is a little high, but I explained the problems I had with getting my meds and he agreed that was probably the cause.  Nothing to be too concerned about.  My creatinine was at 1.3 somethings, and just about right for me.

Great news is that my cholesterol level is 134 and I won't have to fill a prescription for meds to keep that in check! It was a bit high the last time I saw him, but now we seem to be okay. Phew.

That's it - I go back in six months unless something happens, and here's hoping nothing happens to necessitate a visit!


  1. Sounds like it went well! I love the MIL part! I have my husband to blame.

  2. Excellent news Rob. Have you read the Yaktalk forum lately? Everyone is talking about their healthy diets. I was too ashamed to talk about mine! My problem is that I love rich desserts after the healthy dinner....

    I hope you have no need to go back before your next check up. Keep well.