January 23, 2008

Who do YOU Turn To?

Okay - at this point it is inevitable to avoid the political world. It's been that way in our area for - well for years. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but we're the ones that hear about all of the crud on Capitol Hill and it does not matter what state folks represent. This time of this year is especially permeating.

All of our local news stations are hitting us with "We're Your Source for the Latest on the Campaign Trail." They don't mean their parent, they mean their own little sites. I'm confident that Fox5DC is not in touch with the rest of the country. Heck, they are fairly out of it when it comes to local stuff. (But, they do have a reporter named Wisdom. What a cool name!)

I know that Yahoo has coverage here.
I know that CNN is covering here.
NPR is covering here, though I have not looked at it.

Unfortunately, Colbert and Stewart are spotty at their coverage because of the writers strike.

Where do you go for your political news? Do you prefer a biased view (i.e. Fox News) or balanced (i.e. MSNBC)?

Better yet - do you care yet? Are you going to?


  1. I absolutely care. I've been following these things for a few months now. But I don't watch television. I try to read from a variety of sources in order to figure out what is going on. I read Fox, CNN, and BBC regularly, and I listen to NPR. But being aggravated with the unbalanced coverage (NPR has been the closest to balanced at this point), I don't make any political decisions based on the things I read and hear.

    To find out who I'm voting for, I read the candidates' campaign websites and pay close attention to the "issues" pages.

    I do miss out on the debates this way, though I have occasionally been able to find transcripts of the debates by googling. But I probably wouldn't watch the debates anyway. I'm less interested in their debating skills than in their personal stances, and I think I can find that info fairly well via the web.

  2. I think it's interesting you think msnbc is unbiased, as a republican who is very interested in Obama, research online is crucial. Sound bites don't give me what I really want to know and candidates websites are not as helpful as other publications. The problem is most people don't want to go to that much trouble.