January 10, 2008

Three Weeks is Too Long

Not going to apologize for no real posts in what seems like forever. Kind of a lot has been happening, so I'm just going to do bullet points for now:

Abby has a full on tooth, and a second on the cusp!

Christmas was great. We got to spend time with family and friends alike. Some folks fit into both categories, which is even better!

We installed a new server at my office. It made it nice and quiet, as everyone else was basically out of the office. I got a good deal done, but not as much as I would like to have. I learned some stuff about servers, though!

New Years Eve we hung out with other parents of toddlers/babies for some fun times. We left at 8:30, but that was fine with us. Abby woke up in time to celebrate the time change in the mid-west.

On the other hand, she's slept through the night for a few nights.

Aunt Nadia (Abby's aunt, not mine) got to babysit while Anny and I headed different directions for meetings last week. Major downer is that Abby was tired and just mean about it. When she cries - she cries loudly!

I'm working on a presentation for church on Sunday. We're celebrating what happened last year as we continue to build excitement for what is coming. This is a completely new format (worship at tables so that we can transition into a pot luck lunch!)

What's new in your world?

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