October 23, 2007

No. Seriously. No.

Why is it that the President thinks that we should underfund health care for children that need it but continue to pour money into the war(s)?

My points -
1 - "Homeland Security" should in some shape or form focus on the land that is home. We are still fighting for someone else's homeland.

2 - I keep being threatened on TV and in print by Bush and his support staff about the SuperBugs that will wipe out masses, but flu shots, though finally back in stock, still cost money to everyone.

3 - Shouldn't we do everything we can to protect the young people, the ones with vulnerable immune systems.

The reason Bush gave for not fully funding the SCHIP program is that the money is for low income children, and that some middle-income families would take advantage of it. Oh, okay, so we are going to spend an extra hundred thousand treating a child that may be able to afford it themselves. Spend it!

I don't know if it's because of where we live in relation to the heart of politics, but I am finding myself being drawn into more political conversations now than ever before. I don't see it getting any quieter in the forseeable future.

The good thing, I think, is that people are talking. I know that I'm talking more now than in previous stages of my life. A friend of mine has directed me to an important website that seeks to facilitate these conversations.


Talk people. Talk.

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