June 29, 2012

A Whole New World

So it has been six months since I have updated the blog, so what? I decided long ago not to apologize for things that are trivial, and that is one of them.

Next week we will celebrate two years of having moved out of the crazy hustle and bustle of life inside the DC Beltway and heading for the center of the country. So much has changed, and I am grateful for our leap of faith and the spirit of family that has gotten us through some of the craziness.

I am now doing the work that I have always longed for, working as a Youth Director at our church. We have an incredible group of youth and adults and I am really glad that my journey has brought me here. I have learned so much about myself in the 9 or so years since I was actively in youth ministry about my faith, my priorities and myself. That is not to say that when I was a younger Youth Director that I was not good at it.

Now I am so much better organized and more open to finding ways to honor tradition while embracing the ideas that flow from the minds of young people. It's genuinely refreshing and fills me, even when the hours are long. Hell, I have even started reading books on occasion!

Abby has just turned five a few weeks ago and she is loving every minute of it. She makes plans everyday for her future - who she is going to marry and where she is going to college and all that sort of stuff. She still loves pink more than anything else. She has just finished her swim lessons for the summer, but she still refuses to put her face in the water, so she does not get to move up next time around. I agree with the teachers, that is for sure.

Abby will be going to full-time Kindergarten starting in August and is already very excited to be entering her next challenge. I have written before about Abby's preschool and how completely awesome her teachers brilliance and wisdom. we are so blessed to have had them with us in the journey of her growth. Earlier this week Karen took Abby down water slides that I was sure would never happen, but she not only went down once, but then went down over and over again.

Anny is on spring break, which was much needed. She is loving her job and the people that she works with - they are a great group of people that we have started to get to know better over the last year. She has been really supportive over the last week or two of craziness at my office. This weekend she is at Mound Ridge for a weekend of summer camp with Abby! I am hopeful they do not kill each other as the heat is brutal and they will be outside. A lot.

That's my update for now. I am hopeful to get back into this now that I have gotten into a bit of routine again. I konw the routine will change once school begins, but that's okay, I'll cross that bridge in August!

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  1. Yay, blogging! Yay, updates! Glad you're back!!