December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Pictures

Everyone else is doing it, so I guess I should too. Here is a year worth of pictures in one post...

January - First time Ice Skating! She considers herself an old pro now, but that first time was pure sugar-rush! (Pictured with Miss Karen, her teacher in life, and in ice skating!)

January (2) - Ready for dance class! I mostly posted this one for a comparison with the December shot later... She was SO little in January.

February - Snow that led into a perfectly beautiful day for a family walk. The water was literally rushing under the snow it was so warm, but we stayed on the paths and it was a great day.

March - It's not all about Abby, you know. This is a picture I got of the arch on a really nice day.

April - Easter picture! She was so happy to be so dressed up, of course!

May - the invasion began. It would last for about eight weeks, but I post this as a reminder of how bad it was...

June was back to picture-heavy... First up is the newly retired In-Laws! We had a great party at their house, and here they are once the festivities were complete:

I just really like this picture, also from the retirement party.

 July - Abby's first Summer Camp experience, complete with Mogli-Baloo river time.

July (again) - As I worry about running out of "firsts" to share with Abby, here is her first Ferris Wheel ride!

 August - Abby's first professional baseball game!

August (again) - Photobomb by the frog on the left!

August, yet again but this is big - Abby made the second-section cover of the big St Louis newspaper!

September - A great visit with my brother and his family, including niece Shannon!

October - A beautiful, pensive looking picture of Abby. We spent the better part of an hour throwing rocks into the river.

October, again - on another park trip we played near a pond for a long time. Got some fun shots, including this one.

November - VERY thin month for pictures. This is both the best that I got and the only decent one of Abby. This was during our preparation for our Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

December - Christmas Card Photo Shoot One - best of the night but not good enough. (At the Magic House)

December (2/3) - Another day, another try for the *perfect* picture. I got it, but this one fell short. (Cards have not gone out yet, so I can not post that pic tonight - bummer!)

The final picture of 2011 is this - Celebrating the Noon New Year at the Science Center. Abby got REALLY into it with about 15 minutes to go. It was a blast.

Hoping to take better pictures next year - bummed about some of the thinness here...

Happy New Year!


  1. Great look back at the year! You're right...she's grown up SO much since January (especially with the "big" girl I just met last week)! It was GREAT to finally get to meet you and your family in person. Here's hoping that 2012 keeps us both healthy and happy and successful in our new journeys!

  2. She is one beautiful girl! Happy New Year! Its been great getting to "e-know" you too!

  3. Wow, she has grown up soooo much!!! Such a beautiful young lady! Love the pics (the b&w anniversary pic with the balloons especially!). Happy New Year to you all!

  4. Wow! She really has grown up this year! Started in January still looking toddler-esque and ended up a big girl!

    Happy New Year!

  5. you will NEVER run out of firsts! it's really great. prina's first day of k-5 is tomorrow. eeek! her first day, first uniform, first big girl school shoes.