April 10, 2011

Two Videos to Share

Alternate Title: Who Actually Wants to Watch These?

I know, I know. Anny has asked me in the past not to post video's because nobody wants to watch them. I beg to differ, or choose to ignore. Oh well. Both of these are from Saturday, a day which will warrant it's own blog post. 

Ice Skating
Abby had a different teacher and she really connected by offering a different approach to how to get moving. (That and Abby threw away her fears again!) Here she is at the end of the lesson, skating from about halfway across the ice to the doors!

Flute Dancing
We also went to a Native American Pow Wow. Very cool in many ways, but Abby's favorite find was this green whistle - which she immediately began to entertain others with! 
With that I apologize for posting two videos - I'm sure Anny will be annoyed, but that's why I am posting before I tell her. 


  1. If I play "Flute Playing" backwards, is there a hidden message? :)

    I'm really glad she's skating! Maybe we'll go together when you guys come this summer...

  2. ummm.....great vids! i see you are preparing her for women's ice hockey and/or the orchestra. well done!