April 08, 2011

Friday Photoblogging

Alternate Title: Wow what a week!

Went, on a whim, to Wetlands Day for Kids at the August A Busch Memorial Conservation Area. We got a hike in, but first Abby got to "fish" on a blue tarp, and we got to see some cool owls:
A different picture from the hike at Powder Valley Nature Park, which brought about the previous post about Throwing Away Abby's Fears.

Abby was going to The Butterfly House with her friends, so she got her butterfly shirt and butterfly shoes on, and of course she had to wear a silly face!

Teddy Bear Pajama Party at The Magic House. By the time story time rolled around Abby was actually ready for bed, but it made for a wonderful picture:

Kind of made Thursday seem boring, so I didn't take any pics. :)


  1. So cute. I love that owl picture, great shot. Has Abby read pinkalicious? I was glad when we FINALLY had tor return it (and purplicious and goldilicious) to the library. It was a long two weeks.

  2. Adorable!! So sorry I've been so behind in my blog reading, Rob...things are hectic. Trying to catch up in those golden moments at work...LOL