May 06, 2010

Our Little Family

Abby is getting better at repetition when it comes to her art work.  Her lines are straighter and her circles are more rounded than eggs now.

In the last few months she has even moved on to drawing "people," as defined by Abby.  Earlier this week she was tasked with drawing her family, and that she did.  Here is the picture, and below I will give you her words to me about it:

I asked her this morning about her picture. She explained to me that the one on the left if "My Mother," "Abby Minroe" is in the middle and "Dally" is on the right. There was no explanation for the green blob up there, believe me I asked. 

As you can see clearly, we all have eyes and mouths.  Only recently have we begun to develop legs, and the arms are new as of this week.  Maybe we are merely tadpoles in her mind! Some day I'll be able to hop!


  1. Well Rob that green line is a heart balloon. Don't you see it? Abby was drawing the string that ties your love together. Brillant!

  2. Adorable how they become artists. My little guy is trying to write words since he sees big brother doing that. I guess he will eventually do people too ;)

  3. WOW, that's awesome, Rob!!! I can't wait until we get fabulous pics like that from Samantha. Way to go, Abby! Oh, and I love the green blobby thing, too. :-)