May 18, 2010

It's Tuesday and Stuff

Wow - so last weekend was busy and I have yet to blog about it.  I'm just finishing dinner on Tuesday, having planned to "pen" this yesterday, but alas we had no internet, phone or TV.  I seriously don't know what I did with my time before either Abby or the web in my life.  Seriously.  I do know I was skinnier...

Anyway - busy weekend, I'll recap!

Friday -
Still hurting from my wisdom tooth removal on Thursday, I decided to go to work anyway. My grandmother, who passed away 11+ years ago, always had a rule that if you wanted to play, you had to go to school or work first.  So I did. 
After work I headed up to school to pick up the girls. We went and grabbed a couple of sandwiches, some fruit and chips and headed off to Tire Park in Catonsville, MD.  There was a picnic for all of the students, parents and teachers in the daycare system that Abby attends.  Her class is only 22 children, but there are four other preschool rooms and two infant/toddler rooms.  It was a blast to see Abby's friends out having fun, and always good to talk with some of the other parents, too. 

Saturday -
We got up on the early side for a Saturday so that we could get out to the beach early to celebrate Gramps' birthday.  As it turns out, Abby had an even greater thing to be up so early for - to poop in the potty!  All by herself, and ALL in the potty!  Apparently Abby has been requesting to have our potty books read to her at bed time, and Anny has surely obliged.  It caught me off guard when she declared "Daddy, I'm pooping and when I'm done I will show you!
Anny reminded me that in all of the books the child shows the poop to an onlooking dad for approval.  In my head, though, is "yeah, kid, I've seen it before. You've dropped quite a stinker, there.  So Proud!"  Since she showed me, I thought I would take a snapshot and share it with you all, but I didn't want to just put it up here, so you will have to click through if you really want to see it. Click HERE for the doodie.
The good news is that Abby has been pee-potty trained for so long that she does not even think about M&M's as a reward anymore, so I promised a "special breakfast" and to get her "special socks" both in honor of her major achievement!  Don't ever tell her that we were getting the breakfast and socks, it will kill my credibility with her!
We got to the beach house and met up with everyone else.  My aunts got a new puppy, so we played with Riley for a good while before going out shopping, eating and celebrating Gramps' 78th birthday.  Riley is a cutie, and at only seven weeks old he looks just like a doll!

Sunday -
The day began with our normal routine on a Sunday - get up, eat, watch some Little Mermaid, shower (Abby too) and head off to church. The non-routine happened after that. We had lunch with some new folks and their adorable almost-two year old daughter, then headed to find a way to kill time for a few hours while our house was Open for showing.  Had a few folks come through, one came back with someone else later in the Open House as well.  We ended up at the Aunt's house, since they were all at the beach still and Abby needed a place to nap.
The Open House was scheduled from 1-4, so we planned to show up at home at 4:15 and hang out outside. The thing is that we got a call from the showing call center that someone wanted to bring a client through between 4 and 6 pm, which meant another two hours to kill.  "Great" is the underlying sigh when you realize you have even more time to kill.  We ended up at Columbia Mall for pretzels, a carousel ride and the playground.

All in all we were out more than we were home, but it was fun times all three days!  I am looking forward to next weekend already - in part because we can hit our Farmer's Market again. Love me some fresh muffins!

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  1. Cutest puppy EVER! I never gave much thought to how much of a hassle selling a house would be. You're so positive about it, I'd be hurling expletives. keep it up!