December 02, 2009


There is almost literally no way for me to capture all of the awesomeness that was our Thanksgiving this year - Anny's parents came from Wyoming and Paul and Sarahlynn and the girls made the trek to our house too!  All in all there were six adults and three girls - and it was a blast. 

The girls sat at their own table for meals, and that worked out really well:

From Boals Visit 11 2009

We took everyone to the NASA Goddard Visitor Center over in Greenbelt.  It was small, but perfect for our outing on Friday.  Here are the girls again:

From Boals Visit 11 2009

Of course we took them to our favorite local museum, the College Park Aviation Museum!

From Boals Visit 11 2009

(That is where my pictures run out!)

Our turkey was perfect, our company was great. 

The girls were incredible together with the exception of a few incidents that were likely fueled by sleep schedule craziness.

I really wish that we lived closer - and maybe someday soon will - these are the type of people I could see every day and not tire of!

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  1. Thanks for blogging this! I keep meaning to but have too many pictures to choose from!