December 16, 2009

On Our Birthday

I realized over the weekend that this is the tenth birthday that Anny and I have celebrated together.  My family threw a big to-do for my 21st birthday that mixed family, church friends, camp friends and school friends.  It was bizarre in many ways, but a really great way to celebrate.

(I put this picture up for a different post a year ago and Sarahlynn said "Hey, who are those people?"  I assure you, that's us!)

We were not dating - heck, it too Anny another 18 months to even consider the prospect.  My family is just cool like that - someone has a birthday, let's make them a cake.  Two birthdays?  Two cakes!

So - once again to my beloved - A Great Big Happy Birthday! 


  1. That is so "neat" that you both share a birthday. Rob & Anny may you both have a wonderful birthday and years of making memories together with your beautiful family.

  2. Babies, you were! Cute little babies! (People say the same about Paul and I and the 9-year-old pictures we have in our foyer. To them I say: posh! We look exactly the same!)

  3. Happy birthday to you both!!