May 23, 2009

Skype is Ruining TV

I have Skype - do you?  (If you do, look me up if we know each other.  If you just stumbled here, please don't look me up on Skype, that's just weird.)  We have used the service only a small handful of times, but hope to expand our use and get the larger family in on it.  (P&S - we need to talk about that!)

If you don't know what Skype is - it's a freely downloaded program that you can use for audio and/or video calls with other people that have the service - for FREE.  I meant to use it when my sister was in Ireland last fall, but never did.  You can also pay to use the service if you want to line it up with your cell phone or want to do other special feature types of things, but we use the basic version and are happy with it.

While I love it for personal use, it appears that Oprah, and other TV programs, are using Skype.  I think I've even seen it on CNN for interviews with "common folks" like me.  My problem is that it used to mean something to be on Oprah.  They would fly you to Chicago to see the show and be a part of a real interview.  The episode that drove me the most crazy - understanding that I only catch Oprah twice a month or so - was the one with Steve Harvey.  (He's brilliant by the way)  They had eight or nine screens set up in the audience and they got to ask Steve questions. 

Do you mean to tell me that no woman in the (all woman) audience had good questions to ask?  Could the questions not have been asked through email? 

I get even more annoyed with CNN does it.  They used to send real reporters out to places for a reason - Anderson Cooper (is he on CNN?  I just know he is cute and toying with people about his sexuality.  Good for him I say.)  knows how to report on a story with facts.  That's much better than any report I could ever give.

I guess I'm a purist when it comes to my junk TV, that's all.

Oprah and CNN - you're on notice.  Knock off the Skyping and just bring people in or interview them for real.  Technology is supposed to be fun, but you're taking something fun and making it seem like you're really lazy.

Unless you want to talk with me - my username is armonroe.  :o)

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