May 22, 2009

Gluten-Free, Two Weeks In

So my sister moved in two weeks ago and things are going really well, I would say.  (She might say differently to her friends, but seems to be happy, too.)

As I have mentioned before, our biggest hurdle this summer will be the food we eat:
  • Michelle is Gluten Free and not a huge fan of veggies, but willing to try new things
  • Anny is supposed to cut out sugar and eat lots of veggies and meats, but does not like meat
  • I am not supposed to have potassium, and should not go crazy with protein. (i.e. no Atkins)
  • Abby eats whatever she wants, but is very willing to taste new things.  Last night she ate a piece of onion straight up, much to the disgust of Michelle.  :o)
We are trying new recipes, and will be keeping some of them to use even when Michelle is back at school.  There is a recipe for Gluten Free Brownies that we have adapted from Emeril that are great - bananas and applesauce make it really moist - and we each taste them differently.  (Since I have not had a banana in about seven years, that is the taste that stands out to me.  Anny tastes the applesauce.  I think Michelle just tastes brownies that don't give her migraines.)

We have asked Michelle to be honest with what she does and does not like, because for as much as we try new things in our house, we settle into routines that last about six weeks or so.  For a period of almost three weeks this spring we did pizza or calzones for three nights a week.  Yeah, that was good eating, but probably really bad for us in the long run.

As we plan for Abby's birthday, which is coming up way too quickly if you ask me, we are even planning on an GF cake so that all can enjoy.  Yes, we are those "make everyone happy" folks that you dread talking to sometimes.

Michelle has shared with us a few of her recent GF finds, too.  Turns out that chips and salsa are just fine for her, and I can not say no to that!

Michelle also wants to do a bit more cooking, so we're on the hunt for easy to learn, Gluten Free recipes that are appealing outside of the GF world.  If you have links to easy stuff like that, let me know!

(Now I am going to go write another post and tell it to show up tomorrow - two blog posts from Rob in less than a month should be interesting.  I think I'm going to attack Oprah next.)

(And how is that for a teaser?)

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