March 05, 2009

What's with the Weather?!

On Monday of this week we had a snow day at our house! Everything but the Federal government closed (they were delayed) thanks to the 4-9 inches of snow that blanketed our area. We decided to get some things done around the house, like mopping the bathrooms (fun, right?) and finishing Abby's play kitchen (posting this weekend, probably) with our extra free time.

Since we only get a really good storm like this every other year it seems, we wanted to be sure that Abby got out into the snow. It was clear almost immediately that she was not going to have anything to do with it. I cleared out an 18 in hole in the snow to put her in, and she cried the moment her feet hit the floor. As you can see below, we ended up putting her in her red wagon and dragging her through the snow, sled-style, and up the street once. In her defense, the wind was quite harsh...

266/265 Snow Day!

With all of the snow and wind that we dealt with on Monday, with a bonus two hour delay on Tuesday, it's pretty amazing that we are currently planning on a trip to the National Zoo on Saturday! The weather at the end of the week is slated to be 60 degrees warmer than at the beginning! It's a swing from 8 degrees on Monday to a predicted 68 on Saturday!

How is your weather?

1 comment:

  1. Sledding FAIL!

    Parenting WIN! :)

    Sounds like you're getting Indiana weather out there. 'Round here we say, "Don't worry if you don't like the weather - it'll change in 20 minutes."