March 17, 2009

A Practice Weekend

My sister Michelle came to visit this weekend.  She is in her third year of college and is looking for work and an internship up here for the summer, and will be living with us for a few months!  We're really looking forward to having company in our massive house, to be completely honest!  It is going to give me an excuse to rearrange the clutter that is our basement, and means I will probably get some good air hockey time in!

While on one hand we are excited, there is going to be one big issue to work through - dieting.

Anny's medically suggested diet is low sugar, low carb and high protein.
My medically required diet is low potassium, medium protein.  (Sugar is fine, thankyouverymuch!)
Michelle's medically required diet is, newly, gluten-free.  And she eats only four vegetables, but we've agreed to work on that.  :o)

Jack Sprat only had his wife to deal with!

Anny's first intentionally-gluten-free try was rice flour pancakes on Sunday.  I have heard they were exactly like regular pancakes, but didn't have any because I had eaten already when she announced her venture.  Oh well, I'll get some next time.

Michelle did get one interview request already, but it was for late on Sunday and she had to be on the road at lunch time in order to get everything settled for going back to classes Monday. 

Two questions:
1 - What's the biggest meal challenge you've faced?
2 - Know of any good, gluten-free, low sugar and low potassium recipes...?!


  1. I was on a TV show for our food challenge! It's going to take a little while for y'all to work this out, but you'll do it. The gluten-free issue may sound challenging, but there are some great resources out there online for meals. That's probably your base, and then you can tweak them for low potassium and low sugar options.

  2. My mom has Celiac, and my brother is a vegetarian. It made making Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners interesting.

    For example, the augratin potatoes I made to go with the ham on Christmas (from scratch, not a box) called for both chicken broth and flour. So, I made the main dish for everyone else in a large casserole, made one white sauce with vegetarian broth for my brother and fixed his in a ramekin, and made another white sauce with cornstarch instead of flour in another ramekin for my mom.

    It never occurred to me to make the whole thing with veggie broth and cornstarch. No, I don't know why.

    I also made fish for my brother for both meals, because he wouldn't eat turkey or ham.

    If my sister decides that she's lactose intolerant, I'm putting myself up for adoption.