February 14, 2009

Three Years of This Stuff?

You Betcha!  I'm surprised myself that I have kept to something that long.

As of today I've been blogging for three years.  It's kind of sweet to think that I began blogging on Valentines Day, until you read my first post.  About my grandfather and porn.  The next post was a declaration that I was going to lose weight.  Yeah, that did not really happen, but maybe this is the year?!  Doubt it, but it would be nice. 

I have blogged about silly things and serious things.  I've been open about my health, partly in an effort to document for myself and my family, but also as a way to connect with others out there that share in my struggles.  I tried not to, but I have blogged about politics and work, too. I really had fun looking at pictures from the 30 years that I've been around, too!

When I look back and see that I've only written 310 posts in three years (or about one every three days) and there are people that write 310 in a year it makes me think that I'm lazy.  But in reality, I need to add all of my posts on Abby's Blog, on the PC(USA) Blog and I should probably count my Flickr page.  I'm not lazy, I'm actually pretty much all over the web.  Yikes! 

I have met some really great people through blogging.  Some of them I just know through the web, some I have met in real life, and some live so close that it's a shame that I haven't met up with them.  Some day, maybe.   I have had some interesting conversations all over the place, and even started some trouble from time to time. 

So, three years into it I'm still feeling good about my little space on the web.  I wish that I had more traffic, and I guess I would if I wrote about more than just my boring little life.  I'm having fun, meeting people, and have found my voice a bit more in the world. 

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  1. Happy Blogiversary!!! I'm glad you're here.