October 27, 2008

Nephrologist Visit

I was dreading last week's visit to the Kidney doctor for weeks.  I knew several things going in:
  • I am feeling okay, which tends to not be a good indicator for me
  • I'm extremely tired emotionally and physically right now
  • I have not lost any weight like I said I would
  • It's my fault for the aforementioned lack-o-weightloss
  • I did my labs on time, even a little early for nephritic standards
When I got to the office I made the usual chit chat type of conversation.  I had an apointment a few days before Abby was born, so we always have that to chat about.  (Good thing I like to talk about Abby, because people ask me about her more than they ask about ME!)

After being weighed and having my blood pressure taken, the doctor came in.  He was disapointed by one thing - my labs were indeed NOT in my folder.  He asked the nurses, who of course would have filed it if they received it.  They got on the phone with the lab (only withholding the name for this post, I totally play to put them on blast in a post soon) only to find out that they had not processed it to completion, meaning that my information would not be available.  Waste. Of. Time.

He did look back at my history and said that I need to be on a Vitamin D supplement.  It's not surprising, though, since I don't get in the sun much and am supposed to limit my whole milk consumption.  He said that both he and his son take it, too, so it's not really that unusual.  (Wait, did he mean to imply that I'm otherwise unusual!?)  Then I proceeded to get a flu vaccination AND a pneumonia vaccination.  Yick.

My doctor agreed to just call me later after he receive the paperwork. 

So I went on about my day - Starbucks Shaken Black Iced Tea and an Apple Fritter and straight to my desk at work - and waited patiently for his call, again dreading words of disapointment.  One of the other things we were looking for was my cholesterol levels, which were a little high six months ago. 

When he called he didn't have a single bad thing to say.  I believe his words were "everything is status quo, nothing to be concerned about."

So my kidney update is that there is nothing new, but nothing out of the ordinary.  This means that I get to coast for another six months without worry!  I am trying to be better about what I eat (with a little success) and exercising (with NO success) in the time between now and then. 


  1. www.sparkpeople.com, if you want to lose weight. It's going to be my WFMW post tomorrow. Details then, but go sign up now. I'm Amy0526 .

  2. woo hoo!!!

    (And I'm in a place right now where all this diet is exercise is killing me and having no effect. I want nothing more than to GORGE myself on comfort foods like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and pizza and queso. The problem with me is that a little of these things is not enough. I want more and more and more and more . . . But I hate the way I look even worse, for the moment. Sigh.)