October 16, 2008

A Fundamental Difference

(Watching the end of the debate before heading off to work)

Mr McCain,

I can not think of a single person that I know that is "pro-abortion."  Please do not ever use such language again, for you hurt more people than you know.  While you're at it, please stop saying "young women having to make that choice" because it is not only young women.  What about the woman that is in her 50, thinks that she's beyond child bearing age (with good reason) and finds out that she's pregnant?  What if a woman's doctor lets her know up front that there will be a choice, because of disease, between her life and the fetus she's carrying?

Think before you speak,

No one is pro-abortion.  A good post by a pastor friend that sums up the way I feel is HERE.  Abortion is a choice that no one wants to have to make, but the reality is that sometime's it's necessary.

I have been a part of such a decision, and it is not an easy decision that is made ever, and not one to be taken lightly.  (For the record, the pregnancy was not mine, I was dating her sister)  She was devastated to have such a decision to make, and was devastated afterwards, as is expected.

What is of much more value is education - conservatives need to open up to real, honest sex education.  It needs to start early.  I was astounded at my last church about the things that our Middle Schooler's did NOT know about sex and reproduction. I was more astounded to find out how much their parents did not know.  We need to reshape the curriculum and not go after school boards that try to make that happen.

I am obviously pro-choice.  Our country is based on choice and freedom.  You can probably glean my views on other issues like gay marriage, too. 

(Please, if you're going to leave comments, be kind and courteous.  Come back (or support) with knowledge and truth to facilitate conversation, not words of hate.  Thank you.)


  1. It's nice to read that a religious man has such a reasonable stance on abortion.

    You are absolutely right. No one is "pro-abortion." One of the twitter comments that went by when he said that was, "Pro-abortion? Are there people running around punching pregnant women in the stomach?"

    That about summed it up.


  2. I have to agree with the main thrust of your point, though I have never been on the pro-choice side of the fence. I have never met someone who could be called "pro-abortion." It's not as if people WANT abortions to happen. Some just believe we have a right to make our own decisions about a painful situation, and some don't. No one likes it.

    People on both sides of the issue do more damage to their own causes with rhetoric than with anything else. How can people who disagree ever learn to understand one-another's perspectives if all they do is use inflammatory (and misleading) speech?

  3. Whenever I make up a word, I Google it to make sure it doesn't have a hidden meaning... or to see if there are like-minded people out there. While it's very unlikely you are like-minded in certain ways... I believe we share an admiration for the same Almighty God. God bless you.


  4. Oh, the word was "Wordnesday" :)

  5. Did you hear McCain, I think it was in the third debate, sneering at Obama for wanting to add "for the health of the mother" as a situation in which abortion should be legal? McCain's platform was that only when the mother's life (not her health) was in immediate, obvious, mortal danger could an abortion be legal. And if a doctor acted too soon, when the mother's imminent death was not medically proven, if she'd been bleeding a lot but maybe not enough to kill her yet, well, then it's a criminal offense for the doc who performs her abortion.

    And note no comment from either side about babies who have painful, fatal conditions, those who will not survive birth, those who are developing with diagnoses that are incompatible with life. Families should have no choice in those matters, either. The mother must suffer through a public and painful pregnancy, knowing what lies ahead.

    But you know what? I don't think McCain truly believes it. I think a lot of his hard-line stance on abortion was political rhetoric meant to appeal to "the base" and get him elected. And I respect that a lot less than I respect the actual "sanctity of life" argument.

    But real life is not as black and white as many would like it to be. It cannot and should not be so.

    As a mother who once made a choice, a wonderful, blessed choice to deliver, love, and raise a child with serious disabilities, I know very well that such a decision belongs with the families who will be caring for such children, not with governments.