March 13, 2008

World Kidney Day

Please take a moment to become more educated HERE. Take the Quiz - it's very informative.
To read about MY kidney story, click HERE.

For those that have asked recently - I'm feeling really good right now. I'm feeling more run down from a sick baby than from my kidney's causing problems. I've gotten a lot better about laying off of the potassium recently, and am looking forward to continuing my afternoon walks with the girls of the house as the weather continues to get nicer.
The one thing that I wish everyone knew about FSGS (my type of kidney disease) is that sometimes I really just don't want to do anything but sit. A normal day does not take the wind from my sails, but some times I get really quiet if I'm doing a lot. That usually means that I'm pooped.
The other thing (I'm going with two, just for the fun of it!) that I wish folks knew is that, I'm not avoiding your mashed potatoes because I think they aren't good. I want banana pudding more than anything sometimes, too. I can't have potassium in quantity, and those two are the biggest culprits.
For Contest Purporses, I'm linking over to Krissy! You should check her out, and not just for the contest prizes!

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  1. It turns out that I knew much more about kidneys than I thought I did!

    Thanks for the continued education.