March 03, 2008

Air Drumming

Quick post from the office (ahem) about the drive in this morning.

At a light behind the University I noticed this guy air-drumming in his big SUV. He was into it more than I have seen anyone before! In his mind, he was playing an entire set of drums, not just the steering-wheel-snare-drum that I prefer.

At the next light I noticed that he had gotten MORE into it - even picked up a REAL drumstick to rock out with! I gave up faulting his bad driving, because he was happy on his way to (I assume work) someplace on a Monday morning. I was struggling to keep my head up and he's rocking out.

At the NEXT light he went even further. He pulled out a second drumstick! He was rocking out, drumsticks in hand, over the entire dashboard of his car! It was hillarious!

Okay, I am going back to working. I just HAD to share this. (And who knows, maybe it's only funny in my head. You know, one of those "had to be there" moments.) Sure made my morning go a little smoother.


  1. this is too funny! i can actually picture this, i was cracking up!
    you did a good job describing it, sometimes people like this can break the monotony of a drive to work. wish i had seen it.

  2. Changing Gears

    Yes, that is interesting ... if only I had witnessed something similar myself........^p:)