February 06, 2008

Observations from the Last Few Days

Some Observations:

On the Abby Front:
A fat lip on an infant is both funny and cringeworthy at the same time. Sorry, no pictures. Can't have social services after me.
She is scooting toward her toy basket, but only when she can touch it already. She's gotten up on her hands and knees, but gets confused pretty quickly at that point. Hopefully a weekend with Ada will get her moving.

On the Sports Front:
I apreciated hearing Plaxico Burress after the SuperBowl. His comment was "This is the greatest feeling in professional sports." So often we hear that something in sports is the greatest thing in LIFE, and I just can't believe that.
Who really cares who the next Redskins coach will be? Aparently a lot of people. What I can tel you is that he, whichever he it is, will come in and change the system, personnel and feel of the team. Oh yeah, and it's not your decision, it's the decision of the guy that owns the team. He does not come to your office and tell you who to hire.

On the Political Front:
There are a lot of people in Virginia that don't know how to listen. Seems that they got almost 1,000 calls yesterday furious about closed polling stations. Yeah, Super Tuesday was not in your state. That's NEXT Tuesday, just like they keep telling you in the paper, radio and TV.
Because the folks in VA, MD and DC want to feel important they have dubbed next Tuesday, our TV Stations have dubbed it Chesapeake Tuesday. Get over it. It's just another Primary Tuesday. It started yesterday and I'm already annoyed with it.

On the Music Front:
When someone posts a new Celebrity Playlist on iTunes, check it out. Thanks to one list I have discovered Brett Dennen and what is now one of my top 10 songs to listen to. (Oh yeah, check him out based on my recommendation too!)


  1. I really like to listen to him too. I heard him on the Towson station a while back and picked up his album. I even thought about going to see him when he played there but decided against it.

    I haven't heard anything new recently that's piqued my interest cause I don't get to listen to the radio that often these days. I'm gonna check out the lists on itunes... thanks for the tip.

  2. 1- You are awesome. (Thanks for being the voice of reason in comment on my blog.)

    2- Ahh . . . the my-child-consistently-has-a-fat-lip-and/or-bruised-forehead years. I remember worrying about the stares out there when it was just that our kids were clumsy, or had been the victim of siblings hurling toys at them.

    3- Thanks for all you do. Instead of "office grunt" I'm thinking you're probably more of an office genius.