February 02, 2008

I Need Hair Help

Okay - I'm trying once again to grow my hair out. Here's my problem: I don't know what the end product should look like! I'm completely and totally open to ideas, and welcome them. The way I see it, I have two weeks before I have to either cut it back to "normal" or decide on a style-goal.

Your job is to help me figure this out. I'm open to having to primp in the morning.

Two options: paste a link in the comments below to a picture of a style you think might work; OR, take the picture below and play with it, then email it to me.

Thanks for your help, or at least suggestions.


  1. A couple different options that would be fun:

    Or if you want to show Anny how much you love her:

  2. I'm really not qualified to comment here... I'll defer to others with more expertise.