November 09, 2007

A New Feature on my Blog!

Today I would like to bring to you a new and hopefully ongoing feature of my little place of the web. This is a participation post, and I expect you to call me on it if I lag behind!

SPF - Simple Pleasure Friday's (I'm not sold on this name, so feel free to give suggestions!)

I would like to hear from folks about positive things in their lives. Most blogs that I read go dormant over the weekends. I think that speaks about how we spend our time, and I don't think that it's a bad thing! The reason that I get to read the blogs is that Abby still gets up early, even if it's a Sunday morning and we don't have anywhere to be. Anyway.

On a local radio station every Thursday they have time to share people's "Simple Pleasures." This is a time where people get to call in and be positive, and a LOT of people do. The hosts each share something that seems simple, but has been a nice thing for them.

example: The smell of a summer rain in the middle of a drought.
Seeing a kid's face the first time they try to catch snow on their tongue.

You get the picture.

So, here are the rules:
Share something special that has happened to you or you have witnessed in the last week.
Place your Simple Pleasure in the comments below!

That's it!

My goal is that this is about community, so I will share my Simple Pleasure in the comments, not as part of my post. My other goal is to give you a place to write a little bit over the weekend, and to share in the joys that other's are experiencing.

Feel free to pass this along to others!


  1. My Simple Pleasure to kick things off is the smell of burning fires.

    Winter is here in our neighborhood and while we were walking one day this week we could smell someone's fireplace smoke. Makes it seem more like winter than the cold weather does!

  2. A smile from the little guy - that's the best.

  3. The feeling when you help someone out or the feeling when your loved ones give you that look. That is the best!

  4. Being able to check something off a to-do list. Very satisfying!

  5. I checked three fairly major things off my semester assignment to-do list. I love watching that list get smaller.

  6. You know, on a crisp, dry fall day, when the leaves fall off the trees so fast that it is noisy?

    I love that.