November 28, 2007

Almost a Week Ago...

The last time I blogged appears to have been more than a week ago, and that post wsa mostly about shopping. Shame on me.

What's happened:
(Wednesday) We took Abby to a local Turkey (and Cow) farm to pick up a turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. From her school she can see the cows and turkeys from a distance, but she was really taken with all of the sights and smells at the farm. It was fun.

(Wednesday) We took Abby to her first hockey game! Again with the sights and sounds - she seemed to genuinely have a good time.

(Thursday) During the day we spent good quality family time. Playing with Abby and catching up as a couple. Good time together. During the evening we did Thanksgiving dinner with family and a few friends (who are genuinely extended family at this point).

(Thursday) (between dinner and pies) We got to give Abby her first "solid" food of cereal. (Yet another link to the other site) It was fun, funny and functional - Michael's Trifecta of a good gift!

(Friday) We did some sale-shopping for ourselves. We got essentials for each of us as the weather turns colder, and some just plain cute stuff for Abby.

(Saturday) My brother got two tickets to another hockey game, and I could not turn it down! The Caps actually won the game, which made it even better!

(Sunday) We played hookey from church to get some things done, and didn't get to any of them. Abby is cutting her first tooth and we decided to walk at the mall with her as a distraction. It worked for us all, and we didn't spend any money!

Last night was an evening Presbytery meeting. Fairly low key, but it makes for a long day when most of us get here by 7:30 and the meeting doesn't end until after 9pm. I don't see how people do that on a regular basis!

This post is a catch-up post. I hope to post something with substance tomorrow!

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