April 30, 2007

Wow! That's What I Call a Weekend!

Because of a quirky college schedule, my sister drove up from Richmond to spend the weekend. She likes all of the progress in the nursery, which she was a part of painting right from the beginning. She has worked her fall semester so that she has Friday afternoons off, so odds are we'll see her a bit more often!

We enjoyed Maryland Day at the University of Maryland on Saturday. Last minute invite from my brother and SIL, who had come down with their neighbors to enjoy the day. I've lived within walking distance of UofM for something like 15 years now, and have never attended Maryland Day. It was a good time. Basically, they open up the campus to the community and have free shows, the spring football game, and carnival type food.

There were demonstrations at some of the buildings, but we didn't see those until we were in our car headed home. Anny mostly liked the idea of playing with the chemistry students, and my goal is to make sure she gets to do that next time.

Lots of walking, but good times overall!

Sunday was my Ordination Service. (See previous post below) It was neat that my sister happened to be here, and that I guilted her into coming. I was more neat that my grandfather made a special and rare trip back from Rehoboth, DE, for the service. He was ordained as an elder many years ago, and it was special for me to have him there. My aunt also gets a big shout out for doing all of the driving and coming to church too!

Gramps and Pam have been at all of the milestones in my faith journey: Confirmation in 1992, Ordination as a Deacon in 1996 and yesterday's Ordination service.

Because I work in the Presbytery office with a lot of Ministers, and am close to one of my bosses, she came out and participated in the service as well. She has been excited to watch me grow over the past several years, and wanted to be a part of it. I'm glad that she was.

We all had a nice but quick lunch before heading home. A great way to spend a morning.

My sister left late last night so that she can get ready for exams. She had sure better not be reading this blog instead of studying..... I'm just sayin!

A special weekend that could not have gone much better. Now comes the rest of the week.......

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