April 01, 2007

How to Celebrate an Anniversary!

Go to a wedding of two great people!

We had a great weekend "away" down in Nothern VA! There were a ton of people we didn't know at the beginning of the festivities, and a ton that we hung out with anyway.

Anyway, since I was in the wedding party, you get a special treat of ANOTHER picture of us, and I'm in a tux. I think the dark color hides my belly, so I don't mind the tux pics as much!

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Anny and I took a couple of other pictures of just the two of us, but we like the one with the baby bump! There will be a picture (from the pro's) of the three pregnant ladies, due in May, June and July. It was a cute set up.

To Dave and Joo: Thanks for having such a great party...I mean wedding! We wish you many happy years together.


  1. Wow, whoever suggested those shoes for Anny was brilliant!

    You too look great!

  2. Oh yeah, and FOR THE RECORD:

    I danced with my lovely wife SEVERAL times on Saturday night. Now I don't have to until the next wedding!